May start again next month or may start again this summer, or maybe it just time I say goodbye to blogging. I will finish the headers by the end of the month hopefully.. thanks for the patience..


I’ve been so behind this, I should of started this challenge after my finals but whatever. I still want to complete this, I think I can write a paragraph a day. So, for missing those days, I’ll fit day 2 through day 6 in my post today!

d a y 2: Talk about your piercings or tattoos, if you have any: So I do have one piecing, which is just on my ears. Nothing really exciting, I guess. I do want more piercings though. I believe I’m getting one soon on my nose and two more piercings on my ears. And then one on my belly button. Sounds like a lot : o But eh, I don’t know. Then tattoos, if I e v e r would get one, which I don’t think I would. I would probably get something meaningful. Like a bible verse or something really little.

d a y 3: Your favorite television program/show: G o s s i p G i r l. This is my all time favorite show. It’s amazing. I don’t know how else to explain about it. You just have to watch it!

d a y 4: Write about your closest friend(s): I think I have very close friends because I don’t give my trust to a lot of people in the world. I trust few. I think I truly have 3 close friends. That I recently met this year and they are amazing. Their names are Rodaina, Brooke and Megan. They’ve always been there for me and can make me have a smile on my face. For the past few days I’ve been having horrible days and they’ve always tend to be there for me and make me smile 🙂

d a y 5: Tell us your three favorite colors: My favorite colors are those type of pale/light colors – if that makes sense. Like light pink, light green, light blues. So those would have to be my favorite 3 colors.

d a y 6: Your favorite season, and why: S U M M E R. I don’t think anything could possibly beat that season. It’s a season where you have fun or be lazy. No school. Stress-free. Seeing your friends everyday mostly. It’s just a season you cannot forget. And I especially can’t wait for S U M M E R 2011.

30 d a y  c h a l l e n g e :

c l i c k  t o  h e r e t o  s e e  t h e  c h a l l e n g e:  So I’ve decided to do a 30 days challenge. Like a promise a couple of months ago. So I might as well start now. Meaning a post each day!

d a y 1: My middle name: B e t h. I always found my middle name a bit boy-ish for some reason. My mother was going to name me Sarah Elizabeth – but she thought it was too long of a name because my last name was 10+ letters already. I also found my middle name special. Being the only girl in the family out of my sister with a different middle name. I pondered why my mom named me Sarah Beth, when she name my sister – Jennifer Lynn, Jessica Lynn, Rebecca Lynn. Maybe because I was the first daughter to be born with her new husband, my dad. I really don’t know. Other’s in their eyes may found the name just plain old Beth, but it’s special in my e y e s.

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So, hey there – long time no blog. Anyways, I hear watching Letters to Juliet. But, why do I sit here and torture myself with watching romance movies, wishing to at least find true love somewhere in my life. I feel like people are going off and getting boyfriends and falling in love in such a young age. I used to believe that there was no such thing as love. But now I sit here believing it.

Now, I know I haven’t blogged in forever, apologized for that but I think I needed time away from the computer for a tad bit. Grades aren’t looking as amazing as I thought they turn out, straight B’s except for the A and C I have. First semester of freshmen grades are screwed.

Anyways, what has happen new in life. Two guys like me – eh. I found it so awkward because one has never talked to me and just happen to have a crush on me by the way I look like.. the other one is crushing off the way I look too.. how great. They hardly know me, but like me. But I’m not very interested. Just going by the saying “Everything happens for a reason” I’m just going to let my life go whatever route it wants to.

Over the love-dubby things. My friend, H, she’s just been lately a bossy jerk. I swear, she sends me text saying “Get your ass over here” or “Go buy me a cookie” It’s like no stfu. I swear it is getting on my last nerve. She once, I believe on friday, I couldn’t open my water bottle – silly me. She offered and she opened it and “accidentally” spilled it on me. And said “If you ever a b!+@h to me again, hell will happen to you.” And I was shocked and pissed. Ugh – she such I can’t even explain the words without cussing. Trying to keep that off my blog when I’m ranting. Anyways I have been ignoring her, but she not getting that I don’t want to talk to her.

Other then that, I have a new header, I still need to add more pages there and there – like I always promise, but never get to. So, Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! And I will hopefully post more often.

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